What does Alexanian mean to you? One thing is for sure: ALexanian means family and craftsmanship, with experience from 1963. Alexanian that is us: Artur, Narin & Lilit. Together, we work every day with passion and dedication to unite creatifity and craftsmanship under one brand. What we want to present to you, dear customers, is the world of the endless creatifity, feeling for detail, craftsmanship and valueable materials. We have devoted ourselves with heart and soul to sophisticated style and personal service. In doing so, we make strengths of the Alexanian values.

As you will see in the following pages-despite our strong creatifity, we never stay still. We are constantly reinventing ourselves, whether it is with our new collection or exceptional pieces. We are traditional yet innovative. We are Aexanian. Find out more on the following pages.

We hope you enjoy the journey of discovery Alexanian.